Transmedia and Crossmedia: To read list

Here’s a list of interessting links about transmedia and crossmedia. I need to find some time -(between the last editing part of the book which I’m writing with Indira)- to read the whole.

  • Sherlock Holmes, obsessed nerds, and fan fiction. Ksenia and I got into a great conversation about Sherlockians a few weeks ago.
  • Scott’s ultimate man cave. Notes being taken for future studio space, oh yes.
  • Center for Locative Media. An entire center for location-based media? Intriguing.
  • Flare: Data Visualization for the Web. Where was this several years ago?
  • James Patterson Q&A at the Guardian. You can argue with the man’s practices, but you can’t argue with his success.
  • Cross-section Cinema. Reminds me a little of Jim Bizzochi’s work on multi-panel film at MIT6.
  • New FRINGE ARG! Apparently a new ARG for FRINGE was launched during last night’s season finale (and the term ‘alternate reality game’ may have never been more fitting).
  • STAR TREK Augmented Reality system. Now that’s just damn cool.
  • 2009 ITP highlights reel. Some really interesting stuff coming out of Tisch this year.
  • Custom print-your-own Moleskine pages. Oh, this has potential.
  • Toward better readability in adventure games. I’m not 100% sold on what the author is saying here, but it’s still interesting.
  • Making presentations in the TED style. I’d like to see a class structured this way every week.
  • Power to the Pixel’s 2009 London Forum Set for 14-16 October Damn, too close to the wedding!
  • Four surprises in blog-based peer reviews. Don’t skip this one if you’re an academic interested in the future of publishing.
  • ShareSomeCandy. It’s nice to see another design portal pop up; my old favorites are largely all shuttered.
  • 360 Illusion in larps and pervsive games. ”We revisit Johanna Koljonen’s Knudepunkt paper on the ’360 degree illusion’ as a larp design ideal, connect it with the TING illusion of alternate reality games and show how the cocktail has been applied in two pervasive games, Momentum and Interference.”
  • Ohio’s Miami University considering new CMS major. The gospel is spreading!
  • Ekaterina Sedia in LOCUS. I hadn’t realized she had a history with MIT.
  • John Crowley on interstitial/slipstream fiction. ”I think the difficulty with slipstream and interstitial fiction and all those kinds of terms is that they tend to be used only by people who are in one of those sub-branches of fiction. They’re used by genre writers who are interested in adopting mainstream techniques or adopting mainstream values or getting mainstream readers to read their books.”
  • Transmedia planning. Faris Yakob’s oldie-but-goodie on how to staff and craft a transmedia franchise.
  • Bring people together and give them something to do. Henry on Faris on Henry, in a nutshell.
  • Joi Ito: Technology’s Next Investment Opportunities. Global, expressive, from content to context. Got it.
  • Old curse haunts New England forest. Alas, poor Dudleytown.
  • LOST: a transmedia story. Syllabus for a course on transmedia storytelling, as read through LOST.
  • Transmedia redefines viewing experience. Gerry Maravilla at Occidental College tells how he used transmedia and ARG elements to promote his student film “Patient 1221″.
  • 5 basic websites for cross-media storytellers. YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Google Friend Connect? Srsly?
  • Bringing TV to the web. Some really cool SXSW presentations from the BBC and Six to Start on ARGs.
  • Six easy ways to graph your life. Any other data junkies in the house?
  • Transmedia activism and planning. Lina Srivastava’s idea of transmedia activism is really compelling.
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