LinkedIn is the new Facebook

Introduced back in the old days of 2003, LinkedIn took a serious approach to the social networking phenomenon. Rather than being a platform for former classmates, LinkedIn was, -and still is-, a networking platform for business people who want to connect with other professionals all around the world.

I joined LinkedIn in early 2005/2006 with the purpose of gaining my first “serious” job. But now that my networks have developed – there is a lot of overlap – my friends are my connections and connections are my friends. LinkedIn has increasingly built features last year similar to Facebook in order to make it a more socially friendly place: text updates, image updates, people tagging, and company pages. But perhaps it is becoming too much a Facebook look-a-like.

LinkedIn is becoming more like Facebook. The professional nature of some people is gone … what will the new professional networking and career platform?

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Written by Daphne

Je kunt mij omschrijven als een communicatieprofessional pur sang, een aanjager, een innovator. Iemand die haar passie en vakkennis inzet om dingen te realiseren. Mijn ervaring heb ik opgebouwd aan zowel de ‘klantkant’ als ‘bureaukant’.

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